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Buying RCI Points Guide Part 1

Buying RCI Points Guide, including how to buy rci points

Buying RCI Points Guide 2021

Buying RCI Points Guide 2021 Part 1
Buying RCI Points Guide 2021 Part 2
Buying RCI Points Guide, including how to buy rci points
The Buying RCI Points Guide for users and prospective buyers

Buying RCI Points Guide. RCI Points, what is RCI Points? What's is RCI Points all about? RCI Points is best described as a currency for timeshare. This is the RCI Points Buyers Guide. See also What Are RCI Timeshare Points?

How To Buy RCI Points
Buying RCI Points Guide. See also Quick RCI Points Guide (On request) Simplicity. Rather than have all the variants of seasons, week numbers, unit sizes, resort facilities, grades and location, all coupled to how far in advance you decide to put your timeshare up for exchange with RCI, you just have a value in points, called RCI Points Timeshares.

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These points have an annual management fee (MF) to keep the timeshare you own in good condition and there is a small cost to RCI to make a reservation -  this varies to the duration, whether days or weeks, the price varies accordingly. More on management fees later in this article.

So the concept is you buy your vacation (the timeshare) and the cost thereafter for your vacations is the management fee cost every year and your RCI membership and reservations fee.

The name of the game is to increase the quality of your vacation accommodations whilst making the cost of the vacation cheaper than renting. You can also do this much cheaper by using Travel-Perks Resort Vacations where you can book Anfi weeks from $750

Las Vegas RCI

Las Vegas RCI with RCI Points or Travel-Perks Resort Vacations

Las Vegas with RCI

A word of caution, it's easy to get that bit wrong, by simply buying the wrong timeshare with a ridiculously high management fee, for the time of year of the week owned, but we will cover how to avoid that later in this article.

Buying RCI Points Guide - Getting A Good Ownership
A popular and cost-effective way to own RCI Points is to buy RCI Points made from pure RCI Points, where you have any amount of RCI Pure points you want to own without having to buy a timeshare week or weeks. The purchase is a lot simpler than buying weeks and can be completed quite quickly. All RCI Points whether pure points or weeks used as points are the same value and work the same the world over. So how you own them doesn't affect how you use them.

RCI Points Values

So how do you get this value of points if you own weeks? RCI Points values are allocated to weeks by RCI. Every week in every unit has a specific value if they are fixed weeks. When you buy a week you can find out what value it has in RCI Points from your RCI Points vendor before purchase.

You own a week or weeks of peak timeshare at a resort and convert "cede" them into RCI Points. That basically means you give the right to use that timeshare week to RCI every year for as long as you want to remain in RCI Points. They can then offer your week to other owners and the same applies to you, in that you can book and go to anywhere within RCI that is available to book. You must cede a week for it to be in RCI points.

The specific timeshare you own determines how many points it is worth. For instance, an out of season studio in a standard resort can be worth just 9,000 points, whereas a 3 bedroom week in say Disney or Hilton in peak season can be 89,000 points. So the more it is worth as a timeshare in popularity and demand, the more points you get for it and these are issued every year to your account.

You get this value in points every year to spend on vacations as you want, up to the limit that you own. So sticking with the example above you might have a studio week worth 9000 points and a 3 bedroom week worth 120,000 points, together your points ownership would be 129000 points. They aren't separated in any way, they are one points holding. You could book 12 weeks at 10,000 points a vacation, or two weeks in a Gold Crown 2 bed at 60,000 points a week, any imaginable combination up to the total of your ownership total, in this example 129,000 points.

RCI Points For Sale (See Best Prices)
So lets recap. You can buy any amount of RCI pure points without the hassle of owning a timeshare property or you can buy a week or weeks of a timeshare with their own values and cede them into RCI Points and the total is what you own in RCI Points. Of course, YOU still own the properties, but they are RCI Points in your membership so long as you wish to remain in RCI Points (you can withdraw and stay with fixed weeks as a timeshare). You can also own a mixture of both pure points and RCI weeks as points, they all get used the same when making a booking and appear as one statement in your RCI account online. 

Note some owners term RCI Points For Sale and mean they want to rent their points, whereas sellers term selling a timeshare in the same way.

See RCI Points Guide Part two

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