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Travel-Perks Resort Vacations Offer
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Travel-Perks Resort Vacations in short gets you to RCI Resorts from $279 per apartment per week see exclusive membership offer TODAY for $395 thru The Timesharer. You can join for a lifetime today for less than an average one week maintenance fee cost!

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RCI Points 

RCI Points and RCI Weeks ownerships, how to buy, how to sell, how to get a good ownership and how to buy wisely

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Marriott Timeshare

With maintenance fees up and around $1000 or more in some cases, you need to know how to buy wisely at Marriott Resorts, with a range of ownership styles

What is Travel-Perks?

For a small joining fee (see our Travel-Perks $399 offer) you get access to unlimited booking at RCI Resorts, no yearly fees or maintenance.

Join Travel-Perks Club

You pay a small joining fee for a Lifetime Membership

Access RCI Resort Vacations All Around The World

The Travel-Perks database of availability is dynamic and constantly changing even by the minute. You get unlimited bookings every year

Your Unlimited Membership

There are no yearly fees, maintenance fees, exchange fees or Guest Certificate fees, book for yourself, your family, your friends.

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Written by Timeshare Owners and Professionals With Over 40 Years Of Great Experience And Insider Knowledge. How to purchase timeshare, how to buy rci points and Marriott timeshare resales and how to go to Timeshare Resorts without all of those costs.

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If you are thinking of buying RCI Points, if you have just bought RCI Points or want help advice and tips see our other specialist help site RCI Vacation Points Information, Guides And Help see you there and hope you find the help useful

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